Administrative Judicial section

The firm handles all urgent and substantive administrative disputes, including:
• Claims to suspend the implementation and cancel all kinds of administrative decisions.
• Tax appeals of all kinds.
• Litigation for disputes of judicial and customs fees.
Public Rights and Freedoms:
• Claims of residence, and nationality.
• Cases to cancel travel ban decisions.
• Compensation claims for periods of detention
• Claims for nullifying the election result, and stopping the announcement of the results as a matter of urgency
• Claims to cancel the decisions of the Elections Committee to exclude a candidate from his constituency as a matter of urgency.
• Claims for nullifying the decisions of the Elections Committee by canceling the results of one of the committees.
Educational matter:
• Appealing the decision to exclude students applying to enroll in military and police colleges.
• Cases of enrolling under age in basic education, and admission to schools in general.
Career matter:
• Claims to combine previous service periods, and to claim allowances and incentives.
• Claims to cancel dismissal decisions issued by the disciplinary boards, or the management authority.
• Claims for promotion, and obtaining missed job grades.
Leave balance claims, and claim for the remainder of the end-of-service gratuity.
Building and Demolition Permits Disputes:
• Claims to cancel a decision refusing to license an industrial facility.
• Cases to cancel a decision to refuse to grant a building or demolition permit.
Compensation Disputes of seizing for Public Benefit:
• Complementary compensation claims regarding decisions to seize lands and homes for the public benefit.